Bathroom renovations

If you want to brighten up your evergreen house, increase your rental return on investment, or even increase the value of your property before selling, you should consider a bathroom remodel. Before you commit to a bathroom remodel, you should know how much a bathroom renovation costs in Australia.

The Housing Industry Organisation released the bathroom and kitchen remodelling report in 2018. According to this poll, the average cost for remodelling a bathroom and kitchen in Australia was $17522. According to the HIA, this is not more expensive than the cost of installing a whole new bathroom in a brand new house.

However, according to industry norms, the cost of cheap bathroom renovations might be as little as $5000, while a major bathroom renovation can cost up to $25,000.

What factors influence the cost of a bathroom renovation?

You may be wondering why one bathroom remodel costs only $5000 while another bathroom renovation costs up to $25,000. You may be wondering why there is such a large difference; the work and appliances used in bathroom remodelling have a significant impact on the budget. Simply have a look at some of the important aspects that influence bathroom renovation costs.

  • Whether you are searching for structural work,
  • The cost of fittings, wall tiles, and floor tiles—do you want to do high-end work or are you on a tight budget?
  • Are you installing new windows or skylights?
  • Is the bathroom tiny or large enough for a large family?
  • Whether you’re replacing pipes or fixtures,
  • Whether you are putting in a new bathroom or remodelling an existing one,
  • Whether you desire premium features like underfloor heating or not,
  • How much electrical work does your bathroom require?

How much does it cost to replace a bathtub?

When considering a bathroom renovation, one of the most important factors to consider is the bathtub.

  • A low-cost bathtub that costs between $300 and $1,000 dollars could be fibreglass or acrylic.
  • Bathtubs in the normal range cost between $1000 and $3000 dollars and are made of polymer, steel, or enamelled cast iron.
  • A luxurious bathtub will typically cost between $3,500 and $8,500 and will be made of high-quality materials such as stone.

Despite all of this, bathtub replacement is still dependent on a few critical factors, such as the tradie you employ for the work and the materials utilised in the bathtub installation.

How do bathroom style and fittings affect the cost of a bathroom makeover in Australia?

The kind of bathroom you desire and the fixtures you want in your bathroom makeover will have a significant impact on the restoration expense.

Just look at how it affects

  • Budget-friendly tiles range from $30 to $55 per square metre, while quality tiles cost over $165 per square metre.
  • A small basic toilet costs $120, according to the home design directory. Standard toilets cost around $400, but deluxe toilets can cost up to $1,200.
  • Other fixtures, such as shower screens, tapware, towel rails, bathroom lights, exhaust fans, taps, and basins, will vary in price.

Before you decide to renovate your bathroom, you should first assess your bathroom renovation budget and choose the greatest bargain.

Aesthetic bathroom renovation

There is no doubt that bathroom remodelling and renovation will give your home a completely new and fresh look. Bathroom renovations have a high return on investment. Aesthetic renovation provides bathroom renovations on a budget.

If you are considering any form of bathroom makeover, we are here to help. Aesthetic Renovations has vast experience in bathroom renovations and understands the type of work required in your bathroom.

We have a team that is well-equipped to handle any type of complicated bathroom renovation job. Our knowledge and track record will give you confidence that your project is in good hands. Contact us  for your bathroom renovation.

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